Managed IT Services

Preventing issues before they happen is the goal of Krown Tech Group’s Managed Services. Krown Tech Group monitors the health of your systems to provide maximum up time and works with you to avoid any outages.

Krown Tech Group is your partner in the technology world and is there to offer peace of mind to your business. Rather than simply putting out fires, Krown Tech Group proactively monitors a wide range of systems and puts in place a proper disaster recovery/business continuity plan.

Our Managed Service offerings can be tailored to your specific organization’s needs and budgets.

Co-Managed IT Services

Whether your internal IT team has projects to complete and need help with the day-to-day tasks or they’d like some extra insight into a project to ensure successful completion, Krown Tech Group is here to help.

Krown Tech Group will share our tools and knowledge with your IT team to add any efficiencies to daily operations, help improve security and positively impact overall productivity.

Cloud Services

With the dramatic increase in remote work requirement, what once required dedicated onsite equipment and space can now be accomplished in the cloud. Moving to the cloud can save you the expense of maintaining onsite equipment and thus free up resources to invest elsewhere.

Virtual desktops on demand, hosted email, file servers, and phone systems are just some of the services that can be run in the cloud. With the wide range of offerings available, it is possible to not be sure where to start. Krown Tech Group will work with you to determine the best solution for your needs and help you get there.

If you are already in the cloud, Krown Tech Group will review your systems and ensure that you are fully utilizing what you’re paying for and suggest alternative if required.

IT Security Services

With more and more companies having a remote work force and more reliance on the internet, hackers target businesses of any size.

Krown Tech Group will review your current systems, help identify any vulnerabilities and put a plan in place to help protect your technology investments.

IT Security isn’t just anti-virus software and password security. Krown Tech Group will help educate your users on best practices and ways to avoid becoming a hacking victim. We will also examine the physical security of equipment, data protection if this equipment is stolen or lost.

Krown Tech Group can help craft an Information Security Policy to ensure that all users and computers comply with the established guidelines designed to protect the company and its assets.